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Meet Gopal Jee Youngest Scientist of India

Gopal Jee is a Youngest Scientist of India and Innovator also known as a banana boy (born 24 April 2000, ) Naugachiya, Bhagalpur who has worked mainly in microbiology. Though the town of Naugachia is famous for its banana plantation, the area gets flooded almost every year. Having seen his father’s entire farm destroyed in the 2008 monsoons, Gopal wishes to use his idea to utilize all the waste to create green energy. He currently served as a researcher and research director of ACM GEU. By the age of 17, He had done 10 inventions, 2 of which are patented. Some of his inventions, such as the Banana bio cell, has been published around the world.
It has also been deemed as one of the top 3 inventions for environmental protection by Italy. He has received an offer letter from many large companies and universities such as NASA, JAIN IRRIGATION,iSmart, IBM, Stanford, Oxford, etc

Early life and education

GOPAL JEE is born in a poor agricultural family in Naugachiya, Bhagalpur to  Prem Ranjan Kumar and Usha Devi.  He is the third child of his parents and his learned parents made an academic environment at home. Due to the poor financial background, he was rejected by many private schools.  He did not get his primary education at school but was home-tutored by a  teacher from his village Chandan Kumar Thakur where he used to work to get his education. After completing his primary education. He attends government Model High School Tulsipur where He completed his high school with first class in 2017. During his schooling, He has invented an eco-friendly means of producing electricity from banana stem.[1][2] He got the idea when he was in Class IX. One day his shirt got stained from the banana juice and it was impossible to remove it. He asked his teachers and they told that acid leaves a similar stain. He got curious and thought if banana juice is acidic in nature, it can produce electricity as a battery fluid does He bought two electrodes — one zinc and one copper — and placed them in a cell and connected them to two lengths of banana stems measuring one foot each. This produced 3 volts of electricity, enough to light one LED bulb for three hours. To produce electricity further, He added more stems and electrodes and created a circuit that would produce up to 12 volts of electricity,” He says that his invention helps his sister and him study at night during power outages.”. [3]His principal forwarded this idea to DST, Patna. From where he granted with 5000 rupees to prepare for a working model and present it in the Inspire Award exhibition at the district level. He got selected in the district, state and even at the national level. With this idea, Gopal competed at a national program implemented by the Department of Science and Technology, “Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE) and also pursuing his bachelor's degree in B.tech Computer Science from there.


After very hard work and struggling in June 2017 he met Chief Minister of Bihar Shree Nitish Kumar and showed  a video on how his works to the chief minister and chief secretary Anjani Kumar Singh.[4] Nitish lauded Gopal, and industries principal secretary S. Siddharth and provided with a research lab in Bhagalpur Engineering college but the resource is not enough for Gopal’s Dream project and this quest takes him to Prime Minister Office,[5]  India where in August 2017 he met Hon’ble Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi and talk about his innovations and future projects and after 10 days he got a letter from department of science and technology India DST provided with most advanced research lab at NIF Ahmedabad. He join NIF in 30th August 2017 as a Junior Researcher where he completed his six invention which two of them are patented . After working for a year he move to Graphic Era University Research Centre for his next project.  During these years his inventions, such as the Banana bio cell, has been published around the world in many other countries. It has also been deemed as one of the top 3 inventions for environmental protection by Italy. He has received offer letter from many large companies and universities such as NASA[6], JAIN IRRIGATION ,iSmart, IBM, Stanford, Oxford, etc.


●Banana Bio cell(Patent #: 16/676,566)(electrical science)
●Paper Bio Cell (Patent #: 17/678,467)( electrical science)
●Goponium Alloy(Work in Progress) (material Science)
●G-Star Powder (Work in Progress) (material Science)
●Hydroelectric Bio Cell (Work in Progress) (water Science)
●Solar Mile(Work in Progress)(Solar Science)
● Gopa-Alaska(Work in Progress) ( nuclear science)
● BNC & BNF ( Work in Progress) (biotechnology science)
● Pseudo Plastic(Work in Progress)

Awards and recognition

● Inspire Award (Govt. of INDIA ) 2016
● National Innovation Award (MHRD, Gov. of INDIA ) 2018
● Bihar Gaurav Samman (Voice of Bihar) 2018
● Best Innovative Brain of Bihar (Govt. of Bihar) 2017
● Genius   Award  ( DANIK GAJRAN ) 2017
● Rashtriya Pratibha Samman ( Gov. of INDIA ) 2017
● Pride of Bhagalpur (District Admin.) 2017, 2018
● Global Leader Award 2018 (SDGMUN, India )
● International Brand Ambassador of Bodhi Tree Foundation, India
●The country representative of HRO (Human Right Organization)
●Founder of YMRD (Young Mind Research And Development)
● Brand Ambassador Of NavJeevan Jyoti Sansthan, New Delhi
● brand ambassador of NHRCCC(National human right commission human right and crime control commission)
● brand ambassador of iSmart
●Mentor And Judge Of VSSUT Innobuzz,2019
●Mentor And Judge Of Innovation Festival,2019
●Judge of Smart India Hackathon (Gov. of India ) 2019
●Judge of Jawahar Lal Nehru Science Congress (Gov. of India ) 2018-19(National Level)

Foreign honors

● Publication of Research Papers in around 30 countries
● Top 3 World Changing Invention for Environmental Protection (Banca Interprovincial, Italy)
● Acceptance Letters from Stanford University, Oxford University, Japan University, and NJIT, America
●Recently he is invited as a chief speaker for the reason the largest science fair in Abu Dhabi -2020.

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