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Real Fact Check: Gopal Jee — The 19 Yr Old Who Rejected Offers from NASA and President Trump.

Online harassment has become all too common in the age of the internet. Everyone has the freedom of speech but writing or sharing any blogs is a kind of responsibility. Without Checking the real facts from the source nobody has the right to post on anyone’s integrity, it is a criminal offense under the Cyber Law Act. Recently, I became aware of certain information through some blogs on the blogging platform about Gopal Jee. After going through the post I came to know that the research that the author made on him was not complete. So I spoke to Gopal Jee regarding this issue because it tatters his integrity and presents a hurdle in how he conducts his work. I believe he was misunderstood, and it is now necessary to clarify this matter with a verifiable source. After having a conversation with Gopal Jee it is evident that the allegation made by the author is completely based on false assumptions.

Allegation: 1
According to the blog published on medium Gopal jee never received an offer letter from NASA. NASA never issues an offer letter to a non-citizen nor does it provide a job.
Reply: My friend, NASA didn’t offer me a job. They only showed interest in my project as I had initiated it and as far as non-citizens are concerned the letter clearly states that if you follow some official regulation, you are cordially invited to work with us.
So, to work with them, I had to follow some formalities and processes, including getting a US Citizenship, Permanent residency, etc. Since I didn’t have to go there, I neither went ahead with the offer nor sent the formalities form.
Allegation: 2
The patents being mentioned by Gopal Jee are not being found on the government site. Therefore, the patent claim is false.
Reply: The patent is not visible on searching the web because it has not yet been made public by the government as of now. This means its not in the public domain yet but you can query in the patent office regarding the patent no.
Allegation: 3
Gopal jee never received the offer letter from any company.
Reply: A lot of companies have tried sending me offers and deals, but I cannot publish their letters or emails as it holds some confidential data also. It will be better if you contact one of those companies which I have already mentioned in many of my interviews as it is up to them whether they want to make it public or not.
Allegation: 4
Gopal jee project live Bio cell, Goponium, etc have already been done
Reply: My dear friend, I never said that these projects couldn’t have been done by anyone. However, I am not aware of this. The fact that you have presented regarding Bio cell Project that it has already been done and I have only done something related, I would just like to say the process that I have followed for the harnessing electricity is unique. People who are from the mathematics and science background would know that one can apply several processes to solve the same question or to get the same result. But only that process became popular which is easy and cost-effective.
And as far as research is concerned, it is always based on imagination but some of my research have practical explanations and some such as Gopalaska, Goponum Alloy, Solarmile are under progress which will be available soon.
Allegation: 5
Gopal Jee was not sent to NIF.
Reply: My friend, I am not denying the post that you have mentioned regarding NIF. I never claimed to work in NIF. I was only told to go to NIF by Honourable Prime Minister. As evidence, I still have the offer letter sent by the Dept of Science and Technology. It clearly states that I am being sent to NIF Ahmedabad and to contact NIF for further details, but I couldn’t because at that time I was financially imbalanced.
So, to brief, “I was offered by the Prime Minister to work in the NIF but I couldn’t on the account of some personal reasons especially financial one.”

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